Sunday, July 18, 2010

NYC Tri Results

Ok, I'm way too sleepy to blog about the race, but I'm too excited to wait on posting the results....

1.5K swim, 40K bike, 10K run
Total Finishers: 3,472

Overall place: 1169
Age Division F25-29: 42 out of 259
Female Div: 177 out of 1166

Swim: 17:52
613 out of 3,472 (wahooo)

T1(including nearly 1/2 mi barefoot run): 8:28

Bike: 1:30:40
2210 out of 3,472 (eh...decent, I'm happy with it)

T2: 3:43

Run: 45:52 (PR by 2+mins)
7:24 pace (whaaat?!)
193 out of 3,472

Total Time: 2:46:34

I am PUMPED! First time is always a PR!
I am truly touched by all of the love and support that I've received today, THANK YOU for inspiring me to swim faster, bike harder and run sweatier! I love the NYC (and beyond) running community and I'm so happy to be a part of it.


  1. Aimster, I am so very proud of you. Amazing performance today lady. You outdid yourself. I am only sorry that I missed seeing you in all your glory!!!! :O)

  2. Yeee Hawww! You totally rocked it.

  3. Wow! You are awesome! Congrats on a great day. GREAT JOB!!!

  4. Congrats, Amy. You're totally inspiring!

  5. Great job! 7:24 in that weather, at the end of a tri, is amazing. Yay!

  6. Thanks everyone for their kind words. Like I said, it is so great to be a part of such a supportive running community and you guys are exactly what I'm talking about. Thank you thank you, it feels great to be happy with the race and just simply proud of myself. :)

  7. How could you improve you PR in 10K by 2 minutes after swimming and cycling?? It's somewhat amazing! Congrats!