Friday, March 22, 2013

Back at it.

For a while after the Brooklyn Marathon there was nothing to blog about, then there were some smaller races and things to write about but I chose to use my time in other ways, but I've missed it and I'm ready to get back to it!
So far 2013 has been treating me well and I've been rewarded for my training with a 1st place female win in a small indoor Triathlon at the Vanderbilt YMCA in NYC, a 3rd place overall female at a very flat and fun 15mi trail race in the Everglades during a trip to Florida and then a 2nd place female victory at the Indoor Triathlon Championships at Asphalt Green shortly after turning the Big 3-0. Oh yeah, I'm in a new age group now and I'm not sure whether I should be excited or nervous about the upcoming racing season. I spent last summer obsessing a little bit over the race times of the winning women in the 30+ AG to see if I would still have won my carrot muffin in VCP, and I think I've still got a shot. I'm trying not to spend hours on Athlinks stalking the competition, but I am curious about the upcoming swim and triathlon season.
-Triathlons? Yeah, I remember those...
My bike has been gathering dust in my apartment for the last year or so and I've felt bad for it the whole time. I didn't do a single tri last year because I was focused on the big swims and the marathon, but I missed them. I love racing in tris and the indoor tri series in Jan-Mar really reminded me how much fun they are and how much more exciting the varied training can be. I signed up for the NJ State Tri on July 20th and I'm eyeing up a half Ironman in Sept in NJ as well. If you know of any good 70.3 races in Aug or Sept within a 5hr drive of NY/NJ please let me know. It does look like there might be a NJ State half Ironman this year, but inaugural events worry me. I'd signed up for the Pocono Mt 70.3 and they ended up cancelling the swim because the river was too high/dangerous and the weather was cold.
I'd like to sneak in an early season Olympic distance tri to get my feet wet too. I can't remember why, (probably price?) but I didn't sign up for the NYC Tri lottery this year and I'm secretly really bummed that I'm not doing it. I've been thinking about looking for a way in for 2013, but charity might be my only option. I wonder if my old deferment from 2011 was forfeited when I didn't do it last year? Hmm. Ideas.
In reality, my race plans for the year are still a little scattered, but I have some local spring trail races (Urban Environmental Challenge, A Mild Sprains if they're doing it again) and some road 10K's (Riverdale Ramble, Mini 10K,etc) in mind. I want to swim Governor's Island again, but it's the same day as the NJ tri. I'll be signing up for Little Red Lighthouse 10K swim again in Sept and maybe some others if I can fit them in. I'm pretty excited to fill up my race schedule again this spring and summer after not racing too much last year.
If I get a chance, I'll write about the two indoor triathlons I did already this year because they're fun to hear about because they're so unique.
I hope your running, swimming, whatevering is also going well.

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