Monday, October 12, 2009

Autumn Running in New York

Well, I can't believe it but my wedding is a mere 19 days away! Hence the lack of posts lately. sorry about that, if people would send in their damn RSVP cards on time I'd have a lot more time to myself... I hate to vent here but seriously people, I've already addressed it and stamped it, how hard can it be to pop it in your mailbox? Ok, I'm done. Sorry.

So in more interesting news, Autumn is in full force, at least this week. Hopefully warm weather rolls back around for Halloween (our wedding day!) before settling into the 50's and below. I spotted tons of pumpkins on my trek over to Broadway to pick up some Mums today and they all made me smile. Fall is such a pretty season, I can't wait for the leaves to change. I'm convinced that the best running takes place in the fall because of the crunch of leaves beneath our feet.

Speaking of running, the ING NYC Marathon is fast approaching! I'm not doing it this year because its the day after the wedding (I wanted to, but no one thought it was a good idea) but you can get out and cheer for the 40,000 runners out there giving it their all on this 40th anniversary of the marathon. It's such an amazing experience for both the runners and the spectators. My mom came into the city to cheer for me last year and was BLOWN away by what a good time she had cheering for all of the crazy and amazing runners out there. For more info about volunteering or simply getting out there to cheer everyone on, check out the website: Volunteering for the ING NYC Marathon

These are just a few photos from last years race, what a gorgeous day. I am on my way to securing a spot for next year and I can't wait to do it again.

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