Monday, June 14, 2010

The results are in!

NY Tri Results!!! (you can check em out yourself here)
I couldn't be happier with the results I received today, I'm really pleased with my performance at my very FIRST triathlon!

0.5 mi swim, 16 mi bike and 3 mi run results:

Total time: 1:45:11.792

Swim: 16:19.971 (Including the run up the beach and path to transition area, I assume that accounts for my being in wave 3?)

T1: 3:03 (doh! slow- Newbie alert)

Bike: 1:02:42

T2: 1:15 (sure didn't seem that long)

Run: 21:50

Well, that's a definite PR :) One of the perks of doing a new distance or type of race is that you get an
automatic PR! I will say my swim time is slower than I'd hoped for, but I'm not sure if it took into
consideration the wave times.. either way, I beat the 3 women who came in 1-3rd place in our age group
in the swim and I'm happy about that. I had a feeling that I'd do really well in the swim, even with NO
silly wetsuit!

27th female overall (out of ??)
4th in 25-29 age group
and 145th overall out of ~265

There's certainly room for improvement in all areas, especially the bike and transitions, but I'm really
thrilled to have a great starting point like this to go from!

Rock on!


  1. 4th!!!! Congrats and well deserved! Are you hooked yet?

  2. Congrats again! A 21:50 3m after a 1/2 mile swim and 16 mi bike is very impressive.

  3. Those are some good looking numbers, great job!!!!