Friday, September 17, 2010

Heading to Philly!

I'm headed to Philly this weekend for my first (and probably last) in the Rock 'n Roll half marathon series. I say that because it is very expensive, there are no bands in the lineup that I've EVER even heard of and they charge $5 for athlete tracking (which no one I know will be using!) and I think that these things are enough to keep me away in the future. That said, I'm still looking forward to having a good time and a great race on the flat course with excellent fall weather. It certainly doesn't hurt that my host for the weekend (and best friend!) lives just steps from the starting line. Woot!

I've been having obnoxious knee pain for months (years actually) which intensified this Tuesday when I gave it a good whack on the sorest spot at work. The pain was so awful because it is an already very uncomfortable spot to even touch, so I spent the rest of the week icing and resting it. I guess you could say I tapered for the half. I've been pretty consistent with my knee rehab which consists of lots of hip strengthening, but I still have pain on and off and I also have some irritating nerve pain in my right SI joint (where your sacrum attaches to your pelvis) which needs tending to. At this point I'm going to do maintenance work on all of these things but after the marathon I need to address them fully so that they don't come back again. Ever. I may even go see my favorite PT for another round of torture because some things aren't self-treatable.

I hope you have a great weekend, enjoy the beautiful weather and have a good run, swim, bike, hike, walk, or whatever tickles your fancy.

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