Friday, November 5, 2010

Expo Goodies

I stopped by the NYC Marathon expo yesterday after work before most of the crowds arrived so I had plenty of time to walk around and stare at all of the goodies. I thought I'd share some of my goodies with you including the bib # in case you're planning on tracking athletes and want to add me to the list. It really helps to know that people are rooting for you when you're out there on the course. You can sort of hear them in your head yelling at you to keep it up or (god forbid) pick it up and you can always be sure that no one is yelling "You're almost there!"

First, a frame that lives on my nightstand and has been there for 2 years- the damn cat knocked it over this morning and made a loud clatter as it crashed to the floor. Maybe he was trying to to tell me something?
My plan going into the expo was to make sure I didn't spend too much on unnecessary "stuff" but I wanted to buy a new sweatshirt and some more of my favorite Asics marathon gloves. Despite finding about 5 shirts that I could swear I "neeeeed", I escaped with what I went in for. There was only ONE style of sweatshirt being sold at the expo, luckily I liked it. Matisse seems to like it too...

Some of the other free stuff I walked away with along with my gloves. I was picking out my gloves when a man came up and started asking me questions about running with gloves. He said he was from Texas and had no idea what to look for in a pair of gloves. I assured him that I run in the Asics gloves all of the time and love them. I think he got a blue pair in the end, but I'm almost certain that he'll freeze to death on Sunday morning.
My bib and blue D-tag. I like the blue, it's a nice change of pace from the usual orange. As for the bib, I will snag some saftey pins from bibs that I have here from some of my better races this past yr. I did the same thing last time I ran the marathon, it was a little touch that made me smile when I thought of it during the race. I think I'll use pins from my NYC Tri bib, my Harriman tri bib (#2), my PR 4 miler and from my Shamrock half bib. They all have good vibes attached. Am I the only person this OCD? Surely you have superstitions of your own..
The official shirt this year is a nice, subdued dark grey color which I'm happy with but it is a bit dull compared to the '08 shirt which boldly asks "What Does It Take? Heart Pounding Dedication." It sort of looks to me like people running from a fire.
I also bumped into a booth with some running books that caught my eye so I browsed for a second before realizing that the man sitting behind the booth was the famed John L. Parker, Jr. author of one of the most popular running books of all time- Once a Runner. The book ran me through the gamut of emotions and left me exhausted and exhilarated at the end. It has been re-released and no longer sells for $800 like it did just a few years ago. I discussed this with John at the expo and he laughed, telling me that it wasn't something he intended to happen. Anyhow, he has a new book, Again to Carthage that is the sequel to Once a Runner. I decided to snag a copy and he signed it for me. I'll review it when I finish, I plan to read it in my free time post-marathon. Also, if you'd like to borrow my copy of Once a Runner just let me know.

Today I also had the pleasure of meeting Magdalena Lewy Boulet at Paragon Sports. I walked in (again, beat the crowds!) and saw her sitting at a table. I was so starstruck that I was unable to congratulate her on any of her specific accomplishments, but I told her I was a big fan and followed her career. She signed a card for me which says "Dream Big", she's so cute. She's a tiny little thing, but full of spunk with intense blue eyes. Next time I'll prepare for my star sightings by checking to see who will be there so I don't stand and stare with my mouth open.

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