Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Are You Ready?

As the big day gets closer, I'm starting to get into the cycle of Excited, Panicky, Excited, OMG, Calm, Excited that comes before all big events so I started packing a little bit tonight. I brought home my goggles, suit and "lucky" cap today after my swim this morning and decided to make sure I have EVERYTHING I need. I won't be allowed to wear my Team Pink cap, but it'll be nice to have it in my bag for the weekend, like a security blanket. :)

The cool thing about swimming is that you need even LESS than you do for running, which can be a really minimal sport if you let it. All I need is my suit, goggles and asthma pump and a few packets of GU to munch along the way. Somehow though, my pile of crap includes the swimskin I borrowed from my Sister in Law (I don't plan on wearing it, I think the water will be warm enough), a towel, extra goggles, extra GU, warm clothes for afterwards, and a cool tshirt that looks like the ocean to hang around in beforehand. I'm sure my awesome TYR bag will be full of even more stuff come Saturday, but this is it for now. I was listening to some tunes while cleaning and packing and this song came on while I was packing:
This song will obviously be on my morning playlist this Sunday.

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