Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012, what lies ahead.

I wanted to write a 2011 End of Year recap post, I really did, but I had trouble with my blogger app on the iPad during our trip to Canada and I couldn't muster the enthusiasm once we returned. I keep thinking about it though, so maybe I'll get to it at some point because it was not an entirely wasted year, even though it felt that way at times. Instead I am looking forward at 2012 with lots of excitement and anticipation. Looking back on 2011 I realized that with the exception of my massive ankle injury, the only thing holding me back from kicking ass was ME. I feel like I've been a wimp, I've taken too many recovery days when they weren't really necessary, and I simply did not push myself anywhere near my potential. Maybe this is why I need to do a recap, to remember the times that I was training really hard and pushing myself (think: Spring and early summer and one last hurrah in July) but I feel like I slacked and should have raced more so that I wouldn't be sitting here now with that "I really should have done ____ race." 

So 2012 will involve better planning, more racing (of all different varieties!) and stronger training. It is that simple. 

What do I have to look forward to, you might ask, well I am starting off the year with plans for a Spring marathon, though I haven't chosen which one just yet. I'm thinking something small and low key in April, just to get the year going strong. I have never done a Spring marathon because the winters here can be horrific, but this mild weather tells me that is may be my year! I survived the really treacherous weather last year without running on a treadmill once, so if this weather keeps up I can definitely do that again (if necessary). Before April I have two half marathons planned and a 5K, all building blocks for the marathon. 

Here's a rough plan for the year ahead: 

21st- Manhattan Half Marathon. Not an "A" race by any means, but I'd like to run a solid, sub 1:48 or so.

 I have no race plans for February, just lots of training in the pool, on the road, and building strength in the gym. I'll be slowly adding mileage and seeing how my still-defunct ankle reacts. I also may go on vacation.  

4th- Coogan's 5K. I have run this race several times, but I rarely get to RACE it, so I think I'll be blazing the hills this year. 

18th- Shamrock 1/2 Marathon in VA Beach. This is an "A" race for me, I PRed here two years ago with a 1:40 and while I'd love to crush that, I will probably be deep in marathon training and will have to see where I am at that point. 

Insert Marathon Here. Wherever I end up running, I'll be shooting to crush that 3:46 from NYCM '10. 

I don't have anything planned for May just yet, I will probably take a few weeks to recover from the marathon and begin serious swim training for the summer. Stay tuned. 
Also, the NYRR calendar doesn't go past March yet and I haven't checked the NYCRuns website yet to see what is going on in our area. 

**I just noticed that the NY Tri in Harriman State park is May 20th! 

3rd- Central Park Challenge, trying to keep the streak alive from 2009, 10 and 11 and win another award. I'd also love to break a lot. 

16th- Stars&Stripes Aquathlon (1.5K swim and 5K run) I skipped this race last year because it didn't fit into my training plan, but that was dumb and I still regret it. These are my two strongest events and I can't wait to try it. 

23-24th- Green Mountain Relay in Vermont (200 miles, 12 people team) See my posts from 2010

No Chesapeake Bay Swim for me this year, it is an expensive and HOT race, so I'm taking the year off and may do it again in 2013. 

22nd-  Grimaldo's Mile, CIBBOW's swim in Coney Island. 
28th- Governor's Island Swim 2.0 miles 
July will probably be a lot of swimming and prepping for the A race of all A races in August... 

4th- Manhattan Island Marathon Relay Swim! 28.5 miles around the island, alternating with 3 other amazing swimmers. I can't wait! 

12th- (Possibly, date isn't updated yet) Fire Island sound swim in Long Island, NY (Stonewall Swim).

I would love to do a few more sprint triathlons in August, but I haven't planned that far out just yet. 

8th- Aquarium 5K swim, CIBBOWS in Coney Island 
OR Pageant Swim in Atlantic City, NJ 

Mid-Sept Swim for ALS- date not set yet for 2012,

15th- NY Triathlon, #2 of the series.

22nd- Little Red Lighthouse swim by NYC Swim. 10K swim down the Hudson. I am still kicking myself for missing this race last year and I will NOT miss it this year. I already registered! 

The final 1/3 of the year remains wide open. I think I'll be considering the Brooklyn Marathon since it was so well done this year, as well as maybe doing some 10K racing here and there. Who knows... 

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