Friday, April 20, 2012

Running the Rockies

Don't be confused by the title, I didn't take a trip to Colorado or Calgary for the day. "The Rockies" is the nickname given to Rockefeller State Park Preserve in Westchester County, NY. The Rockies has a winding network of trails which intertwine with the OCA, the Old Croton Aqueduct trail. My good friend Joe Garland is a big advocate for people getting up to run the Rockies and maintains the very useful

The Inwood Hill Runners have been looking to shake things up a bit on our long runs, so a few weeks ago we took the train to Dobbs Ferry and ran down the OCA back to Inwood. This week we carpooled up to Sleepy Hollow High School and tackled 14 miles of hills, views and nature. It was the perfect day for such an adventure with sunny skies, warm sunshine and a nice breeze. In addition to the great weather, we had a nice little map and route from Joe to follow. The route was easy to follow and we enjoyed the hills and flats and bridges along the way. Our group of 8 stuck together for the most part, stopping just a few times to keep everyone together and once to ask a man with a dripping wet dog if we were headed in the right direction. He told us we weren't and sent us back towards the visitor center, but after talking with Joe about it I realize we we're going the right way.
After our gorgeous run, we ate lunch at The Horseman in Sleepy Hollow and filled up on ice cream in Tarrytown before heading back to the city. It was a full day with some really fun running friends. We even picked up two stragglers, haha, friends who had run the OCA down from Croton-Harmon earlier in the morning.
If you haven't been up to Rockefeller State Park, I highly recommend it. There are always groups up there running on the weekends, including a group from the Bronxville Running Company store on the last Sunday of the month.

Here's the map of the approximate course we ran, it was beautiful!

The elevation was pretty nice too, a gain of 967 ft according to my Garmin.

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