Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The cake that slipped through my fingers.

Okay, I realize that it's completely presumptuous to suggest that I would have won a cake if I'd raced, but this is my blog and I'll presume if I want to. The story is long and whiny and cranky, so let's just say that I got a nasty 9 day cold that became a sinus infection and knocked me on my ass for the entire week leading up to the Urban Environmental Challenge 10K. I knew by Friday that I wasn't going to be able to race, but I held out hope until the last minute, waiting for a miraculous recovery. It didn't come. I'm still not fully recovered, but today was a great day back at work, especially with the stellar weather.
I went to Van Cortlandt Park on Sunday morning to cheer on my fellow Inwood Hill Runners and to get in my first run since the end of March. The racers took off into the hills while I trotted 2+ loops of the flats, getting in an easy and sunny 3 miles. It was windy and chilly, but I wore capris and boy, did I feel GOOD. I ran nice and slow, stopping to watch the cricket games and soccer games going on around the park. I saw the racers come out of the woods after their first lap (of 2) and cheered on my friends before continuing my own loops. I was jealous, but I got over it as I turned back into the sunshine (and wind). I took it easy, knowing I was still recovering, but still ran a steady 9min mile or so and just felt free. Boy did it feel nice to be off of the couch!
I saw the lead guys coming out of the woods and made my way toward the finish so I could snap a few quick photos of the Inwood crew and cheer them along the final, evil stretch to the finish. Here they are:

Tamara walked away with a carrot cake muffin for her 2nd place AG victory and a big smile.
We wandered over to the Riverdale Diner for brunch and replenished our weary bodies. Cheering is tough too, you know...

I'm back to normal today and had a great speed session last night with some lunges that are still with me in spirit this evening. I am happy to say that I feel like I didn't miss a beat and didn't lose any fitness. Whew.

If you missed the UEC and are looking for a technical and challenging 4mi trail race, I suggest you check out this race: I ran it last year and it was a killer, but I loved it. All proceeds go to the JDRF. It's May 19th, I'll look for you on the trails!

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