Thursday, June 5, 2014

Eat, Sleep, Swim, Bike, Run, Work, Repeat.

It's that time of year again! Okay it never really stops being that time of year, but triathlon training has begun in earnest. I know it's that time because I haven't yet added extra sleep to my regimen and I'm feeling it. I am sleepy by Wednesday and by Thursday night I'm curling up with the cats by 9pm, ready for bed. In fact, I'm heading home to take a glorious nap right now before an evening run.
I'm psyched for the season ahead, I have my sights set on NYC Triathlon in August and Princeton 70.3 in September with some shorter races (5K's, sprint tris) sprinkled in for fun along the way. You know I need to whet my competitive appetite frequently in the summer. My work hosts a large fundraising event with a 5K annually and this year it's June 7th,this Saturday. My heart skips a few beats just thinking about it, I have a reputation to uphold with several wins (for staff members) in previous years. I'm excited for the day in general though. If you're looking for a 5K IN Central Park this weekend, you can still register at and know that your entrance fee goes to support some of the greatest programs available in NY and NJ for people with disabilities. Heck, you can even join the Roosevelt team when you sign up!
Back to training and racing, I'm pretty stoked to be working with Baker (you might know him as @Lord_Baker on Twitter), the Ironman master, this summer to help me reach my training and racing goals this year. I am excited to be working with him and training with Joe (@CardiacCrusher) this summer, especially knowing we're all doing the same races. I think it's going to be a stellar year.

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