Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The search for the perfect running gum.

I'm a big fan of running and cycling with gum in my mouth. Before you say "Aren't you afraid you're going to choke?" you should try it because it's really exactly the same as walking and chewing gum and you'll feel a little silly. Chewing gum keeps my mouth from getting dry while running and keeps my breath fresh should I encounter Daniel Craig on a run. This is Manhattan, after all, and you never know who you might run into.
So, my quest for the perfect piece of running gum continues because I think Orbit recently changed their formula and the flavor doesn't last long enough anymore. I am a fan of Extra for regular chewing purposes, but it's not strong enough for running, it completely falls apart. I guess it can't handle the intensity. Trident is okay in a pinch, but it too hardens and loses flavor too quickly. Orbit used to be perfect, the size is still right but now it turns hard and blah after a mile or two. At work I enjoy the Ice Cubes with unwrapped pieces in a little container, but I prefer wrapped gum in case I need to bring it to the start of a race. The types of gum in the blister packs, the chicklet types, also don't last very long and are too small.
I realize I am the Goldilocks of chewing gum, but I'd like to hear any suggestions for types to try. The only requirements are minty flavors and sugar free. I pay enough at the dentist already, thanks, no one needs sugary gum.
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  1. I go with Five (5?), for everyday and during workouts. It isn't perfect, but I've yet to find anything less imperfect.