Thursday, January 7, 2010

Blog fail

I had every intention of blogging tonight about the great hilly runs I've had the last two nights, but I'm suddenly very sleepy. I got caught up thinking about my next vacation in late March and began searching for trips to Cozumel. I was impressed with the prices at some beachfront resorts, but I have to really check out the diving conditions near those places. On our honeymoon we met a ton of people who recommended the SCUBA in Cozumel so with this chill in the air, its about all I can think about these days. Anyhow, sorry for the weak post tonight, I'm sleepy from a week of great workouts including a 2 mile swim on monday, a run with the kids I coach on Tuesday on the stairs followed by pushups and core work at night, and a hilly 5.35 mi last night and 6.22 mi tonight!
Here's hoping to wake up to a pretty snowscape in the morning... :)
A picture of our last SCUBA trip in Belize so you can see why I can't stop thinking about it!

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