Saturday, January 2, 2010

Frosty 10 mile run

I couldn't make it back to the city today in time to join my running group (Inwood Hill Park Running Club) for a "Fat Ass Run" planned by our neighborhood Ultra-Runner. I was bummed because it would have been fun, we were going to hit the old rail trails of Van Cortlandt Park and do parts of the Old Croton Aqueduct trail which my group has been trying to find for months!

Oh well, it wasn't meant to be, so I ventured out on my own with lots of layers, my iPod shuffle and a little bag with a warm jacket, dry hat and Competitor mag inside. I ventured up through Fort Tryon Park so I could start the southward journey at a place that would have me at Columbus Circle in 10miles. It worked perfectly, except much of the Greenway was icy from Dyckman St down to the GWB. Oh well, I took my time but still managed a 9:00 pace for the icy bits. Whew it was windy and cold by the river!! I stopped around 137th St-ish to snap a picture of myself by the Wastewater treatment plant to qualify me as a real "Dump Runner" for the Dump Runner's Club podcast. I continued on my way southward from 127th right along the river, but quickly turned around and realized if I wanted to save myself from frostbite I would need to head inland away from the water. It was a great idea. I thought about heading back uptown and ending my run at home,but after 1/4 of a block heading North I remembered why I was running South- the wind! So I altered my route a bit, running down to 120th St and over to Morningside Drive which is a street I love to run on. Shielded from the wind by the massive buildings of Columbia, I ran along in peace, beginning to listen to "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch. I decided I wanted to see how far Manhattan Ave would take me (100th St) and finally cut into the park around 96th St. I finished just past Columbus Circle in 1:24 with a total of 10.07 miles.

I quickly ventured into the Time Warner Center and up to NY Running Co. because they always have water for runners. I asked the man at the counter for a cup and he told me they were out. I must have given him a very sad look because he said "Actually, wait right here and we'll start the year off right." He came back with a freebie Asics water bottle for me. Thanks man!! That was nice of him. I love his attitude too. I've never really loved the people in that store, they're often stuffy, but he was friendly.

In the end I grabbed a hot chocolate and cinnamon chip scone from Whole Foods and hopped on the A train for a cozy ride home. I feel great too, I'm heading to the couch for a little nap when I send this post, but just so I don't fall asleep at the movies tonight.

Silly picture of my new (and Free!) water bottle with Matisse checking it out.

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