Monday, April 5, 2010

My new toy

After weeks of stressing and hemming/hawing I finally did it- I bought a road bike!! Just like shopping for a wedding dress I went back to one of the first ones I tried and bought it this morning. It is light, speedy, snazzy and of course, purty. I took it for a spin this evening in the 'hood... I walked out of my apt feeling like a total dork because I didn't know what to wear and I just felt silly with my helmet/sunglasses/daypack/etc. I think it was mostly because I'm a total newbie!! It felt foreign. I appreciated the familiarity of strapping on my garmin as if I were going for a run. I hoisted the bike up with ease and trekked down the 76 stairs feeling pretty badass. I was one of those chicks who picked up a bike with one hand, awesome.

When I stepped outside and looked uptown I noticed a slight traffic jam at the bottom of the hill, two buses and some SUV's and a delivery car were honking and no one was moving- wow, my worst nightmare. I couldn't do it, I couldn't get on the bike on the busy street so I walked it around the corner to less crowded, one-way Cabrini Ave where I felt more at ease. I hopped on and cruised up to Fort Tryon Park where I did a full, scary loop before feeling at ease with the sunset view ahead. I hopped off and took a few bike porn shots for your viewing pleasure...


  1. I'm not sure why some of the pictures turned out with white around them... but I just finished my beer and don't care :)

  2. That is one bad ass hawt soul sister bike!!!!

  3. Congrats on your purchase! That's a pretty nice ride in every sense of the word.