Friday, April 9, 2010

The Stuff Dreams are Made of

Twice in the last two days people have asked me about my training, my boss and my good friend's fiancee. They are both athletic in some sense of the word, my boss cycles and Jon runs and plays soccer, so they are far from the "how long is your next marathon?" types. I got into a conversation about the various things that I'm currently in training for... Brooklyn Half Marathon, the Green Mountain 200 mi Relay, the Olympic distance NYC Triathlon in July (probably prefaced by a sprint tri in June for practice) and I started getting really excited just talking about it.

See, this is the kind of life I always dreamed about. I dreamt that being a "grown-up" would be really, really fantastic and I'd get to do what I wanted and go explore the world, make really cool, interesting friends and be incredibly happy. I am doing all of those things. I have been feeling extremely fit for the last few years, and lately I feel so incredible. I am having a hard time holding myself back from overtraining because I constantly feel like "getting out there and kicking some ass". I've been housing my swim sessions (4000 yds? sure, lets do it.) and feeling really strong in the water and feeling awesome on all of my runs- even when tired or without rest days.

I'm so lucky to have a career that allows me flexibility in my schedule and a lighter load in the summer. I actually work 3 jobs during the week, I'm a Pediatric Physical Therapist 4 days a week at a preschool for children with multiple disabilities, it doesn't get more rewarding and challenging that that, does it? I also provide Early Intervention PT services to children 0-3 yrs old in their homes one day a week after work and on Fridays, which is challenging and wonderfully rewarding. The remaining 3 afternoons I spend at a private school in the city where I run an after-school running team for kids 6-12 yrs old as part of the New York Road Runners Youth Programs. It is an exhausting, non-stop week of all physical activity (sitting at a desk? What's that?) but I have running and swimming to thank for keeping me in shape so I can do my job and do it well. If it weren't for my wonderful husband of 5 months, I wouldn't be able to maintain my crazy lifestyle and work such bizarre hours. He brings home the (veggie)bacon in ways that the PT world doesn't offer and supports me unconditionally in all of my endeavors. In two words: I'm lucky.

I have what I've always dreamed of having and I refuse to let anyone try to make me feel guilty for enjoying it 1000% of the time. I've worked hard to get to this level of stability and fitness and I'm going to keep working my ass off, literally and figuratively, until I can't do it any longer. I have such a supportive, loving bunch of people in my life thanks to twitter and dailymile, people who encourage and inspire me daily to become a better athlete and person. It's amazing what happens when that many like-minded people get together (virtually and in real life) and support each other. It sure is nice to hear, "hey Amy, awesome 10 miler!" instead of "10 miles?! oh thats just CRAZY!" for once.

I actually had a serious conversation with a friend at work this week about doing the Ironman Timberman 70.3 next year... I believe he said, "we can totally do that." I agreed and I meant it. I can't wait for what lies ahead....


  1. Good stuff... Good for you for focusing on swim, bike, run in your spare time...

  2. I love this post. Good for you - you shouldn't feel guilty for what you have to enjoy in life. You worked for it and have every damn right to enjoy every minute!

  3. Wow, what a refreshing post! You have amazing fitness and are kicking butt in all you do. Why should you feel guilty for your awesomeness? I hope you always are surrounded by peeps who encourage and inspire you. Life is too precious and short for negativity. Rock On!

  4. Thank you all!! Each of you is incredibly supportive and I'm so happy to have met you :) I love being surrounded by people that I can talk to about our accomplishments without getting crazy stares or feeling like I'm bragging. I appreciate all of your encouragement!

  5. Soul sister, in a word I think your really awesome. You are so accomplished and smart and really a great human being. I always enjoy spending time with you and chatting. And it's pretty neat at how much we have in common even though we are so different really.

    As far as your training goes, WOW!!! Your such a strong swimmer and runner and cycling is not far behind. You make it all look so easy but I know how hard you train. And I love and and support you every step of the way!!!!

  6. I believe in doing whatever makes you happy, this post says it all!