Friday, May 28, 2010

POM oh so Wonderful

I've been a big fan of the POM line of juices and teas for quite a while now, but I'll admit I don't buy them too often because they're pricey. I can usually make a bottle last a while longer by adding a dash to seltzer instead of downing the stuff plain. My hubby and I enjoy the POM teas in the summer and used to have a whole collection of the glasses they came in.

The nice folks at POM Wonderful were kind enough to send me an entire free case of POM plain pomegranate juice recently. I was really stoked to get that email, especially since I've been on a recovery drink kick. I've been drinking Tart Cherry and Pomegranate juices mixed with seltzer and a lil' lime juice after sweaty runs and first thing in the morning, yum. Thanks to POM I was able to keep up my healthy but expensive habit. I started out drinking the POM with seltzer until one day I decided to pop a bottle into my lunch and give it a go plain. I drank it with lunch on a day that I had a 10mi run later that night. It was so delicious and everyone at work was a little envious of my cute bottle. :)

I've been taking the little bottles with me ever since, sipping at work and on the train after and before hard workouts. I can't say that I necessarily "feel" any different, but the health studies done on pomegranate juice are pretty impressive. See people, you don't need supplements and processed crap or pills to be healthy, its SIMPLE: Eat and drink REAL food and 100% juices. As an athlete I find the "you are what you eat" to be especially important advice.

Oh and POM has a really cool and sort of fun website and it looks like they have a new recovery drink, I wonder how it is? Anyone know?