Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Riverdale Ramble

Y the Ramble?

Ok, so I think it's a little late for an official Ramble 10K race report, but I can give a little overview and share some pictures!
The weather prediction for Sunday, May 2nd was not looking scary and for once, it came true. It was a muggy morning full of clouds and haze. Yuck, not the right weather for a hill race, but at least I wasn't running the NJ marathon!
I'd been sick the week before so I went into the Ramble with no real expectations. I knew the course really well and that meant I knew how tough it was going to be. I met my fellow Inwood Hill Runners for the ride uptown and we goofed off at the Riverdale Y while waiting for the race to start. We chatted briefly about a "goal time" but basically just took off with the intent of running a good, strong race. We did just that, and then some! I watched my HR climb to new heights as we started up Wave Hill on the way back through the course and I was mildly concerned, but kept on running. Since it was an out and back course, we were able to see where in the rankings we stood- at halfway we were 8th and 9th females! Score, I'll take that!

The race was really, really hard. At the finish we went straight uphill, turned on a short flat stretch and then right uphill again. Whew. My asthma reminded me that it is still in there at the finish with a little wheezing, but otherwise I felt really good.

The best part came when we realized that we were not just 8th and 9th females, but TE and I had also placed in our age groups!! Almost everyone from the Inwood Hill Runners crew placed!

We hung around for the awards ceremony and ended up all winning prizes in the raffle too!! I snagged a $25 gift card to The Running Company! Sweet. I'm just glad I won mine before the announcer lady started making people "earn" theirs with pushups, jumping jacks, etc. Of course, they won things like a free pair of shoes, so I guess it was worth the extra workout.

All in all, I felt like I ran a strong race. It wasn't an "all out" effort but I wanted to let myself heal from being sick and not go too crazy. (it didn't matter because I came down with Strep that night anyway...) I'm happy with my medal and my gift card as well. :) Next year... look out Ramble, I'm coming for you!

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