Friday, October 8, 2010

Bridges, Boobies and more.

I recently set up my tripod along the banks of the Hudson (via Castle Village) and caught a few shots of the George Washington Bridge all dressed up for Breast Cancer Awareness month. I've decided to incorporate this photo from that night to join the effort. As I'm sure many of you also have, I know plenty of women who have been or are currently affected by Breast Cancer. I even have a young runner friend from college who has been battling Breast Cancer over and over again for the last 5 years since college. Even as runners, we are not immune, not invincible. I hope to never forget that.

In other news, I went to PT this week for my evaluation and first session. I discovered a few things about my daily activities and my areas of weakness that I hadn't noticed on my own. As a PT, especially a Pediatric PT you tend to spend a lot more time on the floor that most folks. During my session I was doing some trigger point release of my quad on the floor and when I went to stand up, the PT noticed that my technique was putting a lot of strain on my knee. I mentioned that I get up from the floor A LOT so we worked on a safer method that would prevent further strain and damage to my knee. I have to really focus on it during the workday, but hopefully it will become second nature because a I get up from the floor probably more than 50x a day, often while holding a small child. The PT put me on a regimen of self torture to try to loosen up the extra tight muscles in my left thigh as well as my ITB which should start the process of keeping my femur from rotating internally and rubbing my knee the wrong way. I loved the PT facility, it was quiet and clean and I was the only patient being seen by my PT at the time. That is really important to me because some places work like factories with PT's seeing up to 3 patients at a time. While I understand that helps them with their bottom line, it decreases the quality of the care you receive. Also, this place has an Alter-G treadmill, I don't need it, but that is SO COOL. Paula Radcliffe has one at her house! My PT has run the NYC marathon twice as well as some triathlons, so she understands the demands of training and wants to help get me to that starting line on Nov 7th healthy and strong!

I feel like I have my running mojo back after a bit of a slump with the cranky knee and SI... I am ready to rock.

Up next- Staten Island half marathon on Sunday! Good Luck to everyone running Chicago this weekend- stay cool!!!

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  1. Good Luck on Sunday! I love the bridge picture. When I ran my leg of the Ulman Cancer Fund's Half Full Triathlon last weekend it was in memory and honor of all the women I know that had breast cancer - including my Mom, Aunt and their Mother. It can happen to any of us.
    Run strong!