Thursday, January 13, 2011

Going Up?

So a while back I decided to apply for a spot in the Empire State Building run up, figuring I had a decent shot at getting in but not actually thinking about what would happen if I did get in. Well, it happened and I'm in! Right now my body is too sore from sledding to truly comprehend what I'm actually doing on the 1st of February, but I do know that the training period is short. I have a few weeks to prep, but I'm not too concerned because I schlep a lot of stairs every day to get home and on/off subways etc, but mostly because I have a solid hill running base. I'm hoping that will help with the aerobic fitness needed to get to the top. Here are some details:
There are 1576 stairs
The elevation gain is 1,050ft
There are 300 racers, chosen from 1200 applications
We're all nuts, every last one of us

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