Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bennett Park Water Main Break UPDATE!

As I mentioned a few weeks ago the water fountains and bathrooms in Bennett Park on Fort Washington Ave between W183rd and 185th streets have been out of commission for months and the neighborhood families were getting fed up. The port-o-potties were smelly and kids were peeing in the park (so gross.) and so I wrote a letter to the parks commissioner who gave me this response which I thought was reasonable. Well it looks like things are finally underway!! Woo hoo.
Some other shots of the work being done:

ugh i have a few more but blogger is having some issues and I need to head out for a run so I'll try them again later.

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  1. I'm sad to report that I stopped in the park on Saturday after a long run and there was still no water on in the fountains despite all of the construction equipment and signs having left days before. I wonder what is going on now! I didn't check the bathrooms though, but I have my doubts about them being open as well. anyone know for sure?