Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bennett Park Facilities

A month or two ago I stopped in Bennett Park (located between 183rd and 185th streets along Fort Washington Ave) for a quick drink while out for a run and I was disappointed to find that the water fountains were off. It was especially surprising because it was during one of the really warm days last month and the park was full of kids. I thought "hmm they must be doing some work or something" and it slipped my mind until I made another stop yesterday and found that they were STILL off. Not only are the fountains in this busy park off, but I noticed a sign that the bathrooms have been closed since November! The sign (see the picture below) mentions that kids are using the park as their bathroom instead (oh parents, why?) which is of course unacceptable and unsanitary. The sign on the bathroom door mentions something about maintenance, but offers no end point or contact person. I didn't take a picture because its creepy when an adult enters a playground with a camera and no child of her own. :0)
Anyhow, I noticed that there were port-o-potties placed on the other side of the park and snapped a picture from across the sidewalk, but didn't dare get any closer because of the stench and the flies. Wow, this is a serious problem.

The parks dept last inspection was April 30th and it was deemed "Acceptable" but nowhere is there mention of the lack of facilities, fountains and handwashing sinks!

If you live and play in the area, please call 311 and report this issue ASAP. I submitted a
complaint to the parks commissioner and 311 and will keep on this! Til then... pack some water and plan on a trip to Starbucks to pee if you don't live close enough to run home.


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