Thursday, December 9, 2010

My secret weapon

Have I mentioned my new foam roller that I love/hate? I was using the Trigger Point foam roller at PT and seeing/feeling good results. When I took time off from PT for the marathon I missed this devil. Finally I went back to PT and bought my own. It made my plain old white foam roller feel like a gentle rub, so there was no looking back. The Trigger Point foam roll has bumps and ridges that dig into knots and it has a hollow core made from solid plastic that makes a big difference. If you have tightness anywhere, I highly recommend it. They have a whole line of trigger point stuff to make you scream at (For the record, no one paid me to write this, I just love this thing!!)
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  1. You'd probably also like the RumbleRoller ( It gets deeper into the muscle than Trigger Point's.

  2. I second the Rumble Roller. It makes me shriek in pain.