Sunday, September 25, 2011

5th Avenue Mile- Elites Edition

I forgot these in the last post, but I don't mind having a separate post for the locals and the elites. I'm an elitist, what can I say? I didn't have my camera ready when the local elite women went by, oops. Again, if you use one of these photos, don't forget to give credit. Thanks.

The Men

Local Elite Men

Lagat won the race in 3:50.5 with Laalou in 2nd (3:51.7) and Torrence in 3rd (3:25.4)
You can see from this photo that Fam (in blue) was really pushing the pace. I was standing just shy of the 1/2 mi mark. Lagat and Garrett were stride for stride at that point.

The Women
Jenny Barringer Simpson was just steps behind Sally Kipyego at the 1/2, but was able to out kick her for the win in 4:22.3. Kipyego was 2nd (4:22.6) and Hanna England was 3rd ( also 4:22.6).
There is such a difference in the kick of a professional runner, so many of the "regular" runners barely get their knees flexed beyond 60 degrees behind them. I enjoyed watching these amazing women fly by.

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