Thursday, September 8, 2011

A good week

Labor Day weekend always comes too soon, but the one good thing about getting back to work is getting back to my routine. While I was able to get in several good bike rides and swims each week of my vacation, I truly am a creature of habit and I like my weekly routine. This week also reminded me just how much physical activity my job requires. Whew, I'm beat! I woke up this morning with a sore ankle and realized that it wasn't from my swim yesterday morning or my balance activities last night, but from a full day of work. I spend my day from 9-4:30 doing lots of lifting, chasing, kneeling and getting down to and up from the floor, sometimes with a kid in my arms. No wonder my ankle was sore! The 2000 yds in the pool before work were just a warmup for the rest of the day!
I did manage to have a great workout week and lose a few of the lbs I brought home from our holidays in August. I had a fun 17.5 miles on the bike Monday morning, a good workout at PT on Tuesday, a solid and speedy 2000 yd swim on Wednesday morning and I just left the gym after a very sweaty elliptical and bike workout! It hit me sometime today that maybe I should try the elliptical for some variety in my cardio routine so I emailed my PT and he said it was a great idea. I rarely go to the gym for that kind of workout because I'd rather run or bike outside or swim, so today was kind of fun. I sweat all over the elliptical for 20 mins or so before making a quick transition to the stationary bike for another 20. I was drenched from head to toe as if I'd been doing Bikram. The man on the bike next to me actually blurted out, "wow, you sweat a LOT." Haha. I'd almost forgotten how great it feels to sweat like that, you don't get that same sensation from swimming (obviously) or from biking, because of the wind. I'm heading home tonight to meet up with the rest of the injured list from the Inwood Hill crew for a little something we like to call "CORE-ture." I'm also looking forward to my first Friday morning off of the school year because I am going to hit the gym for a yoga class and a swim before PT and work. I have been trying to get to yoga for months, but I just can't seem to get there so I'm really looking forward to it. I NEED to regain some flexibility and balance in my muscles, I can tell that one side is stronger than the other around my hips and pelvis. Hopefully this class is good, otherwise I'm going to need to find another class that is also at a convenient time either at my gym or elsewhere. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to move on Saturday morning, but hopefully swimming after yoga will help ease some of the DOMS headed my way.
How was your Labor Day week?

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