Sunday, September 25, 2011

5th Avenue Mile

I'll try not to jam this post up with too many words and just let the pictures do the talking. I had a really great time out there watching the 5th Avenue Mile. Many friends ran and kicked ass and I was really happy that I could be there to watch. Watching the elites fly by was incredible, they were gone in a flash but I managed to capture them in action. Enjoy and please, if you use a photo from this blog don't forget to give credit where credit is due. Thanks.

I wondered how many of these women did not belong in the front row. My $ is on Capris with her hair down over on the right.
Women 30-39

Mary Wittenberg, CEO of NYRR, ran back and forth several times during the course of the morning including during her own heat of women 40-49. (She ran 6:11).
Men in their 30's (there were two heats) and some random women
Those quads are no joke
The Vannie on the right is figuring out which bus to take to brunch. The M4? The M1 Limited?

This guy pulled a major John Landy while Tall Guy blew past him

That's my friend Julie in black on her way to kicking sub-6:00 in the ass

And a new friend, Hilary, that I thought was someone else. I ended up meeting her later in the day at an entirely different event.

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