Monday, December 28, 2009


My goal for this week off is to really try some new workout types and just generally have a good, hard week because I know I can get plenty of sleep and even a massage! So this morning I tried my very first "Brick" workout which consists of a bike ride followed by a run. I've been wanting to try one ever since I signed up for the NYC Triathlon because I know they're going to become a regular part of my training and I just wanted to know what its like. Well, I found out today!!
First of all, I have a clunky old Huffy (yes, I said it, a Huffy) 18speed Mt. bike that lives in my Mom's basement and only comes out about 5 times a year or so for a ride around the hood. Luckily, it had fresh air in the tires because we filled them at Thanksgiving when I made my hubby ride along side me during a run. Second of all, I am not really sure I know how to use the gears on the bike. I generally put the little lever on the left in a position where nothing squeaks and fiddle with the one on the right a little here and there. Every time I ride the bike I think, "I need bike riding lessons". I know how to physically ride the bike, thats not a problem, its the shifting of gears and trying to make it bearable to go uphill. :) So I managed to crank out 8.84 miles on the bike with an average speed of 4:59 in 44:02mins. I have no idea if thats any good.. but it was tough. The wind here is always strong against me when I'm heading north so that part was no fun. I was properly dressed for the ride except for my feet which were numb by the end despite the gore-tex shoes.. I wasnt wearing warm enough socks. That made the run part even more interesting!
I got back to Mom's popped the bike inside the front door, switched helmet&winter hat out for a baseball cap and fleece headband and took a swig of water before heading back out. I knew I might be too warm on the run but couldn't think of a proper wardrobe change that would keep me warm in the wind but not too warm so I left everything on. At this point my feet are numb from the cold and I nearly trip down the 2 front steps because my legs are jello. I laugh at myself and head out, confusing the mailman across the way who just saw me go in with the bike. I must say, I was in NO WAY prepared for the weird feeling that comes with a post-ride run for that first 0.5 mi or so. I was practically laughing out loud because I simply felt like a fool trying to run on a bouncy house or something. I managed to settle right into an 8:30 pace though, and I was impressed with that even though I felt so silly. It just felt like a dream, my feet numb and my legs tightening up with every step. Ow. Finally I stopped to stretch my glutes/hams and calves which really felt good. After that I was moving along at a decent pace, even uphill, but I started to get some tightness in my anterior tibialis on the left (shin muscle for those non PT dorks out there) which took a while to work itself out. After about 1.75 miles the feeling was coming back in my feet and if you've ever tried running with cold/numb feet you know that is not always a good feeling. By nearly 2 miles I felt mostly like a normal person again and finshed off at a respectable time of 19:07 for 2.26mi, an 8:27 pace.
I definitely got a glimpse into my tri training future today and I'm wondering if that transition ever gets easier? It has to.... right? Please let me know if you have any words of advice or wisdom to impart regarding the brick.
All in all, it was really pretty crazy and fun. I wish I had my foam roller here at my Mom's house but I'll have to wait until tomorrow to roll out the kinks. For now I'll settle for a good stretch and some hot tea.
I know that I had a slight advantage today on my ride/run because I'm certain my big brother was watching over me and laughing with me while I ran along with jello legs. Today would have been his 30th birthday, but he died from a degenerative mitochondrial brain disease 14 years ago next week. Thanks for the push bro. ;)

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  1. Wow. First, I am so sorry about your bro!! That has to be tough. I am here for you!!

    Second, you described your brick as if it was my brick. Except I rode for 1 hour and ran 2 miles. My legs were very jello like and it felt so odd at first. Then I fell into a rhythm and got it done.

    I signed up for the March Madness Duathlon in Central park. Run 2 Ride 12 Run 2. Sounds easy but I bet its really hard!!!

    So your doing NYC TRI? HARDCORE!!!!