Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ted Corbitt 15K, My "+1" for the 2010 Marathon

Brrr Ninja Volunteer!
Getting ready to start
He may have started out a bit too quick, he was not in front after the first lap anymore..
chilly running!

wow lots of people out on a frosty morning!

Well, I've done it again- I'm qualified for next year's marathon! Woohoo. I did the 2008 marathon by doing my nine NYRR races and I finished up my 9 races last weekend in Brooklyn but still had to do my 1 volunteering duty for the year. Okay, normally yes I'd have taken care of that in the summer or fall, but with a fall wedding I really just didn't have the time this year. But alas, there I was on the sidelines in my orange vest freezing my toes off but having a TON of fun cheering everyone on!!
I dragged myself out of bed at the ungodly hour of 5:40 on Saturday morning into the cold world, forgot my breakfast (toast with PB and nutella) and waited ages for the subway (so much for the early am schedule!) and finally arrived around 7am at the park. I have to say, I expected it to be organized and fast moving, but we spent much of the morning shuffling around in a large herd while jobs were given out one by one. Ugh, getting cold already and it was like 7:30. I finally got a job just directing people and cheering very close to the finish line, which was fun because the runners passed the finish just after the start, after their first loop and of course at the end so I got to see everyone go by a ton! It was fun, there were a few full Santas, some reindeer, a few silly hats and just generally a fun time. I was cheering my heart out in an attempt to stay warm and have a good time. I really enjoyed that part. It was the people who turned rude and ignorant post-race who ruined the fun. After the vast majority of people were finished we were asked to make sure people didn't turn around and walk back along the course because there were still people finishing their first lap ( we cheered hard for them!) and we didn't want them to have to fight against the crowd while running! Our "leader" was threatening to DQ people who didn't want to listen (a bit harsh I thought, but it was working) but many people just got instantly aggressive and angry when we asked them to walk the other way back to the start. Wow, it was unreal to see people turn like that and get nasty. It was really unfortunate and bummed me out.

The day was saved however when I spotted Nicole from The Biggest loser at the finish snatching some leftover apples! I was like HEY shes from TBL!! and I went over and chatted with her!! She was SO nice and really sweet and friendly, we chatted like old friends :) I always loved her on the show and it was so fun to meet her! She looks fantastic, too! That was the highlight of my day! (possibly my week!)

Photo from people magazine

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