Monday, December 28, 2009

My letter to RW

I just sent this letter off to the editor at Runners World, I can't take it anymore! Anyone else feel the same way?
Hi RW team,
I've been wanting to write this letter for months but never got around to it, but I can't let this slip by me another month! Last November in your Green Issue I remember reading about the changes RW was making to the magazine itself in order to make things a little greener and I thought it was fantastic! You even mentioned how much plastic you were saving by not sending out issues wrapped in plastic to those whose subscriptions were ending. However, for the last 6 or 8 months my RW has shown up wrapped in plastic every month with a horrible little "Women's Health" packet attached. My main concern is with the amount of waste this creates- its as if you made the Green Issue and then forgot about everything you learned. It makes me so sad to see all of that research go down the tubes when it was presented so well. My other concern is that the Women's Health packet that comes with the magazine is TERRIBLE! I hate getting it, it represents the complete opposite of what I love about RW. RW promotes a healthy, fitness-based lifestyle while Women's health is full of gimmicks and degrading titles such as "Have more fun in bed tonight!" and "The secret food to lose 81 percent more belly fat" It doesn't even contain any real articles, just teasers. Yuck, if RW had headlines like this I'd never buy it and I know most of my running friends feel the same way.
I really hope this plastic wrap and terrible "magazine" stop showing up in my mailbox soon!
Thanks for your time,
A fellow runner and long time subscriber,
New York,NY

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  1. Here here! it's so insulting to us as female athletes that they think we'd fall for that crap.