Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I've been spotted in a blog...

So I've recently become part of a fun bunch of NYC (and elsewhere) runners on twitter who sort of chat during the day about running
and other goofy stuff. A number of us also blog about our running and I recently checked out a blog by Betsyruns (as I know her
on twitter) here: Betsy A Go-Go because she mentioned that she also ran the Pete McArdle 15K on Sunday and I wanted to see what
she had to say about it. Well... I'm reading along and she's got a few pics mixed in and "HEY! Thats me!!" She was running behind me and
my two friends and snapped a picture! haha. You can check out her blog and read the fun commentary about the race, but here's the
picture... what a fun little discovery. Running makes the world just a little smaller and more friendly!

Pic courtesy of Betsy.
Thats me in the black shorts, and my two friends on my right. :)
I don't know the person on my left, but they're the only one in the picture who is dressed for the weather!

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