Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chilly night

Whoops, I should really preview my posts before I submit them... I have no idea why the picture showed up twice or why the breaks in the text are like that in my last post... Sorry for the hot mess of a post. :)
Happy Thur-Friday. I dont work on Fridays (ok not true, I see one patient at his house for 30 mins in the morning) so Thursday night runs are my sanctuary after a hectic week. Although the temp was in the high 20s and the realfeel was 15 degrees, I felt awesome and perfectly dressed! YAY. Thats 2 weeks in a row. I even felt good enough to stop at the grocery store and pick up some yogurt for my hubby and some salmon for my dinner (he's working late..again!) and walk home without freezing to death. I packed my envirosack (best thing EVER) in my vest pocket too. Thats one perk of cold weather running, there are usually pockets for things like tissues and extra gloves or for stashing a hat when you get too warm.
Ok definitely time to get some things done around here. I just downloaded a new song I heard on a commercial and made a genius playlist of it to listen to while doing dishes/cleaning up. Its called Straight Lines by Dawn Landes. Totally relaxing...

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