Thursday, February 11, 2010

and the aftermath of a storm...

Tonight's run was going to be dicey no matter how you looked at it, the snow that blanketed the city showed no signs of budging in today's chilly temps and I always find that snow is most slippery after being shoveled/plowed.
Well the Greenway did not disappoint! I checked the Greenway on my way up through Fort Tryon Park to see if it had been cleared and it looked like it had (I peered over the promenade wall to see) so the group ventured down to see what we could see. Well I'll tell you what, I'd avoid the Greenway north of 181st for a few more days if I were you! We slipped and shrieked our way along that 1.5mi or so stretch, giggling each time one of us yelped or "woooooah"ed. We somehow survived the ice skating rink formerly known as the Greenway and made it out without anyone taking a digger. I predicted mild soreness for tomorrow from the tense running and many slips, so we'll see. It wasn't a fast run because of the conditions, but I picked up some speed on my way home through the park (I wanted to check on our snowmen) and cruised up the hill at the north end of the park and felt amazing! The cold, crisp air filling my lungs was so refreshing, wow. I decided to loop around the park before heading home to get in my full 6 miles and as I turned to loop around the Cloisters, I saw a man a ways ahead of me running along looking like he needed to be passed. I saw what I thought was an old Boston jacket on his back and I went for it, I pranced up that hill and caught him at the top without skipping a beat. I gave him a breathy "hey" as I passed by and kept that surge for the rest of the way home. Thanks dude, I needed a little something to rev me up and you did the trick. I sped home with my breath frosty in front of my face and my heartbeat pounding in my ears. I had to stay alert and not take any risks with the snow, but I felt so GOOD when I got home tonight. I'm zonked now and need to rest up for a good swim tomorrow. Tomorrow starts 8 days of vacation for me (mostly, I still have to coach) and I can't wait for some sunny, daytime runs!

6 miles in 58 mins, but that doesn't tell the whole story. Sometimes the numbers are meaningless.

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  1. Great job! Wish I could have joined you all! Sounds like you had fun on the slippery greenway!