Friday, February 26, 2010

Snurricane 2010

Hello George.

We finally got the Snopocalypse we were promised a few weeks ago. The snow started Thursday morning with snowball-sized flakes and continued all day in a slushy fashion before turning into heavy, real snow. It went on through Thursday night into Friday and just kept coming down!! In fact, its STILL snowing as I type this. Nuts. Anyhow, its beautiful and since I don't have any run to report (its knee deep out there people) I will share my favorite photos from my trek around the hood. Its sooo beautiful out there, they wouldn't let me in the park though because a tree fell and killed someone in Central Park because the snow is so heavy. I took a few shots from the entrance and around the perimeter of Fort Tryon Park, but most of these are just around the hood. Enjoy.

Pinehurst Ave apts

De Plane! De Plane!

Pinehurst looking south from 185th

Woah heavy snow

Snowy trees and Hudson View Gardens

Fort Tryon from the "outside looking in"

I was soo hoping to get down to the Arches to get some pics..

Looking across the river to the Palisades park

Cutest little snowman ever!
And his friends :)

Sticky snow and some stubborn leaves

Can't get in! (the man walking is the owner of the New Leaf Cafe in the pk)

And goodnight George.


  1. What awesome awesome pictures!! :D I'm glad one of us actually went out and took pictures. I don't think taking pictures from my window count :D

  2. Love the pictures - thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow, those are some beautiful pictures!

  4. Nice pics! All I want to know is...will the snow melt by next weekend or should I bring my snowboots for the 5K =P

  5. Awesome photos Aimster!!!! Love them!!!

  6. I wish i could take more photos, but my camera is ginormous and a pain to carry around. These are terrific :)