Sunday, February 7, 2010

A two-a-day Thursday

In my quest to get to the pool at least two times a week, I scheduled myself a "Twofer", a morning swim and an evening run all in the same day. It didn't really hit me until the night before when I was packing up my bag for the swim and I made sure to throw in some more snacks. I take my Thursday night group run as a "given" so I never give it a second thought when planning my week.
Wednesday was a day off, there was no way I was even going to attempt to run after Tuesday's torture so I took it easy and made dinner plans with a friend. The dinner plans didn't happen thanks to my blackberry crapping out, but the rest day definitely happened. Man, I was sore.
Thursday morning came more quickly than I would have liked, but I managed to get up and out of the house without a hitch. I had planned to just pop in my headphones and zone out on the subway, but I ran into my swimming buddy and good friend SF on the train so we chatted on the way to the pool. The first few laps I felt tight and sore, I bet you didn't realize that you use your ass and hamstrings during a flip turn! Yow. I loosened up a bit and settled into the swim. We agreed on a smaller ladder than the usual 500, 400,300,200,100 because we were feeling a little sluggish and we decided on a ladder up to 300 and back down again. It felt pretty good, but I had to hop out a little before we were done in order to get to work on time. Bummer. There was some excitement during the swim though when Sally recognized Isaac Mizrahi in the lane next to us and chatted him up. I was blinded by his neon orange pedicure. It was a star-studded swim for me as my friend Sally, author of Swimming the Channel is also kind of a big deal in her own right. At least to me she is :) At one point my very own swim buddy held the women's record for the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim at 7:01:02.
After the swim, the day cruised by at its usual speed and before I knew it, I walked in the door after work and coaching and had about 15mins to change and get back out the door to meet the crew for a run. We had a nice 6.04 mi run in 55:12 (9:08 pace, Elevation gain of 1,200ft). I brought along my Metrocard in case I was too sore to run home, but I didn't have to use it! I convinced myself to run home, just take it easy and under no circumstances was I going to take the stairs at 187th St up to Fort Washington Ave. I took the subway elevator and felt no guilt whatsoever. It was a strong run, I stretched a little and then proceeded to eat everything in sight and sleep like a baby.
I survived my two-a-day without a scratch and even headed back to the pool on Friday for another swim with Sally. We somehow made it through 2,500 yds in a way-too-warm-at-one-end pool. No celebs this time, just a cranky old man in the next lane complaining that it was too cold. I napped hard on Friday when I finally got home, wow. It was a long, challenging week and I was going to need my strength for the weekend runs.

*Matisse says "read the book, seriously, do it."

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