Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tuesday night speed

I did it to myself again.. I subjected myself to one of "SpeedySasquatch"'s speed workouts last night. The last time I did that was the week before the half when he was kind of nice to us, we did 4x1 mile repeats which were speedy but lovely. I recovered from that in day or so. I'm certain that when you talk to me tomorrow, I won't be recovered from last night!
to start it off we did 2x15 walking lunges and 2x20 sumo squats (if you don't know what that is, just imagine the most painful squats you can). The point of this was to do the workout "dead-legged". Well after those lunges and squats, I was already hurting! Lunges get me every time. Yow. We ran a nice easy 1 mile warm-up on the ever-familiar lower loop of the park before we hit "Cat Hill"which normally barely registers with me as a hill when I run in the park. For a point of reference, most of the other, bigger hills on that list in the Cat Hill link are in my neighborhood and I run them every week. We ran Cat Hill 6x, doing 10 pushups between each rep.
The hills felt good but tough, mainly because I feared my legs were going to cramp at any moment when I stopped moving for the pushups! Deadlegs hills hurt, there's no denying that. I do most of my runs in my 'hood and often have big hills at the end so I feel like in a way, I do a lot of deadlegs runs! Lunges are a different beast though.
Well here are the numbers I got:
Total mileage 6.25 miles
Warmup 9:58
Random 0.64mi 10:02 pace
1- 1:49

2- 1:48

3- (missed this one)oops

4- 1:48

5- 1:52 (stopped it late, this was a quicker one for me)


Cool-down 10:05

Heading back to the gym 9:33 pace until we started walking :)
Yay for consistency! I'm not so good with using the Garmin for speedwork, I need to work on my timing and the like. I'll get it down eventually.
All in all it was a good workout and I'm sore as can be. I actually poked myself in the piriformis this morning while I was sleeping (it hurt! ow) and started to blame my husband until I realized he was fast asleep and it was MY hand on my ass. Awesome. It could have been the cat walking on me, but he was curled up under my chin so I think I'm the culprit. I took a nice rest day today and will foam roll before bed, even though I know its going to burn.
Sure enough, I'll be back out there next week for more pain and torture, all for the promise of a spring PR!


  1. Damn. i don't know if this makes me wish I could make those speed workouts or glad that I can't make it. Great intense! Cat hill is always a killer one!

  2. Nice work - looks like I missed a 'fun' workout;) What doesn't kill you...:)