Saturday, February 13, 2010

Music Saturday

It seems like everyone has been posting about their favorite playlists lately, either for running or not. Betsy posted some rockin tunes last week, and TK often posts her playlists at the end of a post about her run. I could have sworn there were more people out there posting about music, but I can't find them now so you're out of luck.
I was rocking out to my favorite playlist today while in the shower (runners high always sets in when I'm hitting the shower so I like to dance it out while I get clean) and one of my fave running songs came one "Human" by the Killers. It gave me the idea to post my own Super Running Playlist. It probably needs a few updates because I haven't used it since the fall, but this playlist rocks my interval-running world. I don't care for running intervals with my watch beeping away at me, and I can't hear my watch over my music, so I decided to make my own interval playlist.
It's a tough workout which consists of a Warmup song, a pickup song and then goes right into 2 "ON" songs. One recovery song is followed by 2 "on" songs and DAMN it kicks your ass. Many of the "on" intervals are nearly 8 mins long. There are a few songs tacked on the end of the list that haven't been worked in yet. I usually make it to "Lose Yourself" and then cool down. I didn't have my Garmin last summer but I mapped it to be about an 11 mile speed workout. I consider this workout to be my secret weapon that led me to those trophy winning races last summer and fall :)
I love to do this workout starting at home, running the ~3.5 miles north to Van Cortland Park and then running on the flats there. Ahh just thinking about it makes me excited for the summer. There are often so many people out enjoying the weather and walking/running/riding on the track and lots more playing sports on the fields. Its a wonderful thought! I used to grab a giant gatorade from a bodega and drag my ass up the stairs to the 1 train at 242nd all sweaty and completely wiped. My trusty blue shuffle stays tucked away in my pocket or clipped to my shorts for the ride.

Here she is, my secret weapon playlist:
#1-2 are warmup songs, #3-4 are the first "on" songs

Happy Running :)


  1. Hey Amy! I love figuring out my work outs by songs rather than by time/distance, I'm definitely waayyy more in that camp (if such a camp exists.) That is actually the basis of the project I'm currently working on, creating a long composition that actually cues different lengths of intervals depending on the track you're listening to. Talk about an epic endeavor... it's pretty tough to figure out.

    Anyway, have you ever tried any Lady Southpaw songs for running in your playlist? I wrote a post about how the song "Engineering Masterpiece" as a training tool to prep for that drive to the finish line as part of a 3 min interval set. Check it out here:
    ladysouthpaw.blogspot (dot) com/2009/05/speed-interval-work-out-running-song-3 (dot) html

  2. Thats a great way to do your intervals. I've done that...well I have done that during the ups and downs in certain songs. I like your play list, I'm going to check out some of those songs I haven't heard of.
    Seriously need to run with you on Saturdays. 9am? How far do you normally run??

  3. The Killers are my go-to band when running. Something about their music drives me along.

    Bling (Confessions of a King) is a great too!

  4. Thanks Matt, I love it! They rock my running world.

    erin- that project sounds daunting but really awesome, I can't wait to hear about it when you're finished! I'll check out your stuff, thanks so much for the info. i'm glad we're in the same "camp" :)

    Jocelyn, we meet at 9 by inwood hill pk at isham st. We vary our routes.. usually between 6-8 miles is avg. sometimes with options for shorter/longer routes depending upon where we go. I wont be there this Sat but come on the 27th!!

  5. and im sorry for the mass reply, i cant figure out how to reply to each comment... im a nube.