Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Playing catch-up

Last week ended up being a bit of a wash post-half marathon. Monday I came down with a cold and was just whole-body exhausted and needed to rest. I even skipped a dinner at Max Brenners with two of my best friends. I had no intentions of heading to CP on Tuesday for speedwork with the twitter Team Sasquatch crew because my knee was feeling tricky and I was still a bit sore from the Half+Soccer Sunday. I took an "easy" 3.82mi run with an elevation gain of 1,500 ft! I goofed up the Garmin at some point and missed a mile. There's no such thing as an easy run in my hood. It felt nice to loosen up and I felt great by the end. Wednesday I took a nice relaxed and sort of goofy mile swim. I splashed around and didn't push it too hard until the end. I really love swimming, its similar to running in that its a solitary sport and it gives you lots of time alone in your own head. Its you, the water and your breaths. Ahh its so relaxing and I always feel good afterwards.
The usual Thursday night Inwood Hill Runners group run was fun because we had one friend join us who doesn't usually come on Thursdays. A lil spice (and testosterone) added to the usual ladies night run. I goofed up my Garmin (again!) and didn't track the final 2 miles home, damn. They were very hilly miles so I tracked them on mapmyrun for the extra few hundred feet of elevation. We took the stairs home - 120 stairs at the end of my run, whew! Thursday totals: 6.71mi
Saturday I was not thrilled with the temps dipping down to 13 in the morning, but I layered up and headed uptown to meet the group. My hubby had told me the night before that he anticipated a tiny group on Saturday morning (he's not a runner- what does he know about the crazy runners?) but I was a little shocked when 10 of us showed up for the run! Wow. We had one new guy, 2 new-ish guys from the previous week and a runner turned cyclist who "can't stand her bike" right now. Haha. We headed up to Riverdale again for a gorgeous hilly, brisk, sunny partly trail run that ended in Van Cortlandt Park. Normally we do the southern hills of the 5K loop in VCP and then hit the flats, but someone had the *brilliant* idea to hit the back hills for an extra mile. Damn!! I was struggling at that point for some reason, I felt heavy and tired and I was ready to head home. Whew, those last few hills chewed me up and spit me out. Ouch. In the back of my mind I was also thinking about my soccer game later that day.
Sat total: 8.8mi in 1:20, avg pace 9:09 I think the elevation count was way off because last time I did this run I had over 3,000 ft and this time it only registered 900+. Hmm. Maybe a Garmin is like a boat, its bad luck to not have a name for it.
Sunday was supposed to be a long run day, but I just had no mojo so I had a nice relaxed day with my hubby and hit the gym before bed. I did my first treadmill miles (1 to warmup, 1 to cool down) and 12 miles on the bike. It was tough but I felt great afterwards!
I swam on Friday, it was probably just a mile.. thats my minimum, but I can't remember anything exciting about it. I remember thinking it was nice to be swimming in the sunshine.
Weekly total: 35.85 miles (swim, bike and run)
Looking back, I guess it wasn't a complete wasted week. I just felt icky and stuffy through most of it.


  1. Not a wasted week at all. I'd say you did pretty darm good! Great job getting out there in the freezing temps! Not an easy thing to do. :)

  2. Wow what a week of activity!!! NO WASTE!!! All good stuff!!!!

  3. I agree with Jocelyn and Michelle. Sounds like an awesome week, considering your cold, and the cold weather...