Friday, July 17, 2009

Governor's Island- a new runners paradise?

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I've seen the ads on the subway for Governor's Island, but as a Northern Manhattanite I just haven't made the trip down there yet. I've been reading about the free bike rentals on Friday afternoons and I am just waiting for that Friday off with nothing else to do (right..) but here's a run article by Brian Fieldman about his adventure run on G.I. It sounds like fun! I remember my first run all the way around Manhattan last year when I was training for the NYC Marathon and how exciting it was as I curled around the bottom of the island and caught glimpses of Lady Liberty, followed by the great bridges and on and on.. it certainly kept things exciting, at least until I hit that wasteland we call the East Side. zzzz.

Well it's a beach weekend for me, catch ya next week! Have a great weekend!

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