Monday, July 13, 2009


Note to self: Carry camera more often when wandering the hood. I always have my blackberry which has an okay camera (the pictures of the talk show filming were with the 'berry), but I see fun stuff all of the time that I need my real camera in order to fully capture. The problem is that most of my adventures in the hood are while running and I definitely don't carry it then! I'll try to get better at it when I'm wandering around at slower speeds.

The cats are snoring and I'm zonked from a run down the greenway to 145th to use the track at Riverbank State Park for a workout and then running home back along the greenway to my cozy abode. I don't have the mental capacity to figure out how far I ran, but any run that ends with me scrambling up those hills from the GWB to home is a tough one. Definitely time for bed!

Just a little picture from the hood from a day that I actually remembered my camera. It was taken along Fort Washington Ave around 190th St.

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