Saturday, July 25, 2009

A delicious website

A few weeks ago I entered the weekly drawing on a running site I frequent called Runners Lounge. They do a weekly giveaway and they were having people create their own granola mixes on a new site called MixMyGranola and submit them. I picked all of the things I like the most in granola (berries, bananas, walnuts, etc) and gave it a clever name and I won! Well I won a $20 gift card to the site and I just received my granola this week- its DELICIOUS!! I ordered a berry mix for the fiancee and a French Vanilla granola mix with Vita Cherry powder and lots of yummy berries, bananas, walnuts and pumpkin seeds for me. Yum, yum, yum. I just wanted to share because I know I get sick of eating the same things all the time and this is a fun way to change things up and get exactly what you want. They even give you the nutritional value of your mix as you add each ingredient. It helped me stay away from adding the candy :) Enjoy.

Have a wonderful weekend, and GOOD LUCK if you're doing the NYC Triathlon tomorrow! I'll be out there as a volunteer writing race numbers on everyone's hot bods and handing out the timing chips. A friend of mine is doing the race so he got me into volunteering for it and now I'll have guaranteed entry for next year (if I can stand to get into the Hudson).

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