Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Inwood Hill Park gets rave reviews!

It looks like the word is out about our beloved Inwood Hill Park! I got an email from YELP! today with reviews of parks around the city. I was happy to see IHP mentioned in the first few paragraphs of the email... of course I'm torn because I'm afraid the word will get around and EVERYONE will be up visiting our sanctuary :)
Also receiving rave reviews, Fort Tryon Park and Riverside Park, though no one really mentions areas in Riverside this far north...they're probably scared of the hills.

Super busy start to the week after being away all weekend soakin up the NJ sun. I'm in the midst of becoming a certified SCUBA open water diver, and the late night classes are taking a toll. I'm not a late night kind of girl and class doesn't end until 11:30pm down at 43rd St. Needless to say with the shuttle bus crap I'm taking cabs home... there goes the discount on the class I got for being a member at the pool where we practice!

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