Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Making lunch a little greener

A friend of mine showed up at work with a little colorful bag that almost looked like a change purse or wallet and reached in and came out with a cracker and some nuts! I was expecting $$ or a receipt, but it turns out the bag is a "Snack Taxi"- a reusable bag to replace plastic baggies used for snacks. I LOVE it. She directed me to a great website for all of your green carrying needs!
Reusable Bags has everything you could imagine. Forget those thin crappy bags for produce (which I skip anyway except when buying lettuce or green beans or other small/wet things), they have light canvas ones! I love it all. I have plenty of the large reusable bags (don't we all?) but I was happy to see so many other fun options for eliminating plastic bag waste.

("Another annoying happy face bag" photo by Vincent Cobb)

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